Certified Recruiter With NLP Application

Learn how you can apply the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in your profile of Recruitment and be more effective.

NLP stand for Neuro Linguistic Programming. This course is specifically designed for people who want to learn NLP in applicative way. NLP is a popular technique however the business and work pressures might make it impossible for you to learn it fully. Our research team has identified the NLP skills that are useful specifically for a recruiter and designed a course which is clutter and jargon free making it highly applicative.

It Is For

HR Consultants
Recruitment Business Owners

Spot Your Promising Future!

Excel at what you do

Effort leads to pay rise

Increase your net worth

Improved Professional Relationships

Improved Emotional Control

3rd Party Statistic Of NLP

A. J. Agrawal Explains in Forbes blog, How NLP Can Boost Your Marketing Influence

London South Bank University’s Anne Harriss explains how, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is used by coaches to improve communication and change behaviours.

How We Do It...

Once you enroll to the course of your choice, a link of Psychometric assessment and pre –training reading material will be shared with you. The course will commence in the first contact session. The total sixty hours are distributed amongst the contact sessions, online sessions, open frames, assignments, activities, and practice sessions, pre-training reading work, and the post training feedback and coaching session. To get you through the pre-reading material an online support group will be initiated. The frequency of coaching session is at the discretion of the trainer. Overall the trainer will be facilitating the process of creating the best version of you, consciously crafting your career so you achieve what you want. The candidates will be assessed on various parameters throughout the training. Depending on the overall performance of the candidate the post training support and coaching hours will be decided.

Course Curriculum

Highlights Of The Program

  • Scenario based learning
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Create the professional identity you want
  • Effectively deal with stress and anxiety
  • Become a good communicator
  • Empowering Beliefs for Profession: Write your own story
  • Program Designed by Certified Trainer
  • Guided learning Journey
  • Blended Learning

Scenario based learning

Psychometric Assessment for
personal/professional development

Create the professional identity
you want

Effectively deal
with stress and anxiety

Become a good communicator

Empowering Beliefs for Profession:
Write your own story

Program Designed by
Certified International Trainer

Guided learning Journey

Blended Learning

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40+ Must Know Learning Tools

Get Certified

Certified Recruiter With NLP Application By Go DiGital

Go DiGital Training

Why Go DiGital

  • 100% Expert Guidance
  • Syllabus crafted by NLP Expert
  • NLP Application Certification by Go DiGital
  • Psychometric Assessment included
  • Individual Focus
  • Guest Sessions of Industry Experts

I Am Passionate About Assisting People In Following Areas:

  • Health, healing and habits
  • Enhancing Self Esteem
  • Loving and accepting themselves
  • Career outcomes
  • Progress in their career
  • Build their dream Business
  • Make a switch
  • Parenting
  • Depression / Hopelessness
  • Stress
  • Overcoming grief
  • Relationships
  • Early learning for children consistent parent
  • Empowering working/stay at home mothers to find a balance between motherhood and business/careers

Do you want to?

  • Accelerate your career,
  • Spread your wings and achieve new horizons,
  • Want to be happier and achieve fulfillment,
  • Want to kick start your dream business,
  • Want that your team works cohesively,
  • Want to know your personality traits and build on the strengths,
  • Want to become an amazing calm and consistent parent 

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Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

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Meet The Mentor

For Any Query?

With 12 years of experience in human development, I am really good at observing the beliefs, patterns, thoughts, meta programs that might be holding you back. I invite you to book a 20 minutes free session in person or on phone. If you have already decided and ready to start you can book an appointment on Contact number/Mail ID

Dr. Ashwini Pangrikar, is an INLPTA certified International Trainer, Master Practitioner NLP. She is an expert Psychometric Assessor, author, coach and trainer. It’s been 12 years she is working in training and development profession. She started coaching with a vision to empower people, take charge of their lives, take action and create the life they want. She utilizes her NLP skills, psychometric assessment tools and her genuine willingness to create and nurture empowering beliefs and create the life that they desire.

She is a Doctorate in Competency Mapping and hence quickly identified that NLP can be immensely useful in Human Resource Management. Her team researched and came up with different programs for Human Resource Professionals. “Certified Recruiter with NLP Application” is the first program in the series. Recruitment is an important HR function. It needs special set of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. This program specially caters to the psychological aspect of being the best recruiter in your team, organisation, country in the world. Dr.Ashwini is also a coach, and is passionate about people and assisting professionals to reach their goals.

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Don't Only Get It From Us, See What Our Client Says About Us

Bhakti Yande Chitare

Ashwini an extremely humble, sweet, effervescent and brilliant individual to work with. When I met Ashwini mam for the first time, it was a very warm meeting, we instantly clicked. You feel very much attached to her. There were few things I had never done before. Mam would tell me how to do it. She would also explain the science behind that. It was always a great learning with her. I have learnt various concept and the even how those concepts came into existence. She would always share links to read and learn from, books to gain knowledge which would help me improve my skills. She has always been a support system professionally as well as personally. The best guiding star and a friend too. Anyone who loves to learn shall meet Ashwini Mam at least once and I am sure the association never ends. All the best Ashwini Mam!

Bhakti Yande Chitare

Apoorv Tatwawadi

I came for Ashwini’s program of NLP in Recruitments. The key takeaway for me is the tools and techniques to manage my emotions, sort my thinking and objectively look at any situation. It was a great experience overall. Ashwini explained the concepts interestingly through her stories. She made sure that we understood the activities and make us do it by being tough at times. Thanks Ashwini for creating this program especially for recruiters.

Apoorv Tatwawadi
HR Executive

Sankalpa Sathe

A dearly friend, a Coach and a professional. She is clam and a Minute listener which made me To trust her more to share all my issues. She is insightful on her Subject which makes her diagnose the problem correctly. With her experience, scientific methods and Guidance I came over my hindrances.Just met her once in person and rest all the conversation or sittings were on Video call. Her prompt responses and availability helped me come over my problems in few course of time. Wishing you to spread all your noble work for mental health and happiness. Kudos to you Ashwini!!!

Sankalpa Sathe
Deo , Dubai

Rama Chavhan

Ashwini introduced me to NLP. My daughter studied Phonetics in school. Still, she was having some difficulty in making her own spellings. Ashwini introduced her to Visual way of learning spellings. It worked wonderfully with her and now she can spell forward as well as backward. Also, Ashwini makes the session very interesting by telling stories so children listen to her with focus and concentration.

Rama Chavhan

Amit Kakde

I met Ashwini to sort some areas of life. At times she is a tough coach. She pushes you and makes you do things which you are not used to and that makes you reach your goals. If you want to grow professionally I strongly recommend you to get the psychometric analysis and coaching from my lovingly tough coach.

Amit Kakde

Endorsements By Experts

Dr. Meetali More

I have been into academics since last more than a decade, I have seen the priorities and preferences changing in the academic context. ‘Go Digital’ is the ultimate example of matching the demand of current trend. The genuine work comes from the cognition and the intuition to make a change for the society. Such honest efforts create an impact not only in the results but also in the overall nurturing activity. I like the overall approach of ‘Go Digital’ and would recommend it to all the prospective clients who wish to progress in their personal and career goal. . I congratulate Dr. Ashwini and her team of experts for such a wonderful initiative. I would like to be closely associated with ‘Go Digital’ for coming the years. All the best!!

Dr. Meetali More
HOD, RIIM Arihant

Liz Bailey

Recently Dr. Ashwini posted that when God made her, the ingredients were Beauty, Some Intelligence and not so generous with the height. I would like to update that if I may, having had the opportunity to have met Ashwini on her INLPTA Trainers Training she displayed all of those qualities and so much more. She is a beautiful soul, has passion, courage, determination and clear goals, which were achieved. Ashwini has more than " some intelligence", she has emotional and spiritual intelligence more than she realized. My observations proved that her intentions are pure and supportive as she continually worked as a team in an ethical way, always considering others and looking after herself, very important, I agree she may be a bit on the short side but stands tall in every other way. I would fully recommend that anyone who wants to make a real difference to their lives and that of others grabs every opportunity to learn from Dr. Ashwini.

Liz Bailey
International Trainer


Recruitment market is highly competitive. Most of the times finding the right candidate with the right attitude and experience is a struggle. NLP gives you a set of tools which enables you to develop your excellence and trains your mind to communicate for the maximum impact.

NLP is about:

  • Communicating better
  • Build rapport with people and maintain stronger relationships
  • Motivate and influence teams to achieve the goals
  • Become self-aware and adapt to changes easily.
  • Master your craft

NLP Skills will:

  • Empower yourself / others to identify limiting beliefs which hinder your performance.
  • Creation and management of emotional responses using the tools in NLP
  • Build cordial relationships with customers/clients/candidates using the basics of rapport building
  • Read people better and hire for the right fit
  • Set compelling goals, visualize them and set clear strategy o to achieve them
  • You will increase your market worth by learning NLP techniques and using it at your workplace.
  • The investment in terms of time, energy, money, efforts that you will make today, will take you ahead in your career in leaps and bound by giving the finishing touch to the skill sets that you already have.

You may use these NLP techniques in your,

  • Personal relationships
  • Parenting
  • Counseling a friend
  • Financial growth
  • In working out a plan for your dreams.

NLP is the science and art of excellence and is outcome oriented. It takes you from the current state to the desired state and set compelling outcomes. Yes NLP will surely help you. Book a session to know more.

NLP studies the mind and what we do in our mind to tackle the issues like depression and anxiety. It has wonderful tools and techniques which will improve your quality of life provided you are truly dedicated towards making the change. Yes NLP can help in depressive and anxiety issues. Book an appointment to know more.

No matter who you are, where you are, whichever language you speak, every person on this planet must learn NLP. If you want to be happy and fulfilled you must dedicate two weeks time in next three years for your own personal growth and development. Whether you are a trainer, recruiter, mother, business owner, team leader, director of MNC, teacher, student, homemaker, senior citizen, school/college principal, lecturer, college going student you surely want to achieve your goals and excel at what you do. You want to find out ways to be better and quicker, to communicate better, to be grounded in yourself and lead yourself to a better life, don’t you?

You can apply the NLP concepts and excel in your field. NLP is the art and science of excelling at what you do. It is a set of tools and techniques which assists you by helping you to gain more emotional control, improve your decision making, understand what motivates you and others, build better relationships with others which in turn gives you recognition and influence in what you do. To learn more about the specific courses, check out the courses section.

NLP will help you in two ways…to become more influential with your students, to motivate them and to empower them by helping them to find their purpose. On the personal level it will help you to discover your identity and life purpose. It will help you discover your strengths which you have gathered through the various life experiences. It will help you become more of your authentic self.

NLP with affirmations and visualizations works wonderfully for improving health. Yes NLP will surely help you. Book an appointment to know more.