Three ways NLP helps in profession

“Good feelings, good decisions, Bad feelings, bad decisions” – Richard Bandler

It was Monday morning and I was looking for some motivation. And I came across this quote…NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming …can it give me the much needed Monday motivation? My feelings decide my decisions, really? It was a discovery for me and it surely cured my Monday boredom…My neurons were fired and I already felt excited and curious.
Three ways I can apply NLP to my Profession:

1. NLP is a way of discovering what creates excellence: As employees, we spend a huge amount of time at work. You expect that your career will bring all the joy, happiness, fulfillment and comfortable life. However, sometimes the work-life event doesn’t match your hopes and expectations. Making success out of the professional career when things are not as you expected requires some skills. These skill sets are enhanced by Linguistic Programming as it helps you acquire self-awareness and improve your understanding of the blind spots so that you can adapt to change and achieve your objectives.

Whether we accept it or not, we live our lives based on our unique picture of the world. Our responses to life events are dependent on this picture of the world. For example, if someone is overweight, they generally picture their present size in their mental picture and do activities to lose weight. So most of the times people fall back to unhealthy eating habits, low self-esteem etc. If they had held a picture of the carved, chiseled body in their mind then they will be compelled to follow the exercise and diet routine. Their chances of falling back to their old habits are very less and it’s likely that they will be more successful. If you observe the people who consciously maintain their weight and health they have a healthy picture of themselves in their mind.
So observe the people around you, and see what is that one unique thing that makes them excellent and successful. By observing them, find out the image that they carry in their mind for the area that they are successful into. And experiment with it and enjoy the learning out of the activity.

2. NLP promotes attitude of curiosity and learning:

“Stop asking questions and disturbing me”, I told my child when I was in a hurry to finish up a project and yes I found myself guilty of bursting the curiosity bubble in her. We all do it sometime or the other. And then children go to the school where marks and performance precede over the curious questions…
What happens when we are curious? Curiosity is a state which leads to learning. when we are curious, we tend to ask questions and our attention moves towards the quest to search for an answer.
If you have observed a child any time, you might have experienced that children are least bothered of what others think of them. Their attention is always in the external world and happenings in the world around them. They choose what they want to do and they make sure they will get it…Imagine a toy store with a one-year-old baby crying for his toy! The child wants it as they want to explore the toy!If adults can apply even five percent of curiosity that children apply, how it will lead to learning?
It will give you different perspectives when
1. You find yourself in a bad mood.
2. Someone is very critical or nasty of you
3. You are having the same results in a relationship
A curious attitude will lead to different learning. Identify a situation in today’s day at the office and see how adopting an attitude of learning and curiosity may help you. If you are comfortable do share in the comment below.

3. NLP enables me to control my emotions instantly:At a few stages in my life, I have reacted to events in extreme anger and that has landed me into unhealthy situations. Yes, some emotional control switch, the process is needed at the workplace. NLP gives me that. There are certain steps and techniques to gain emotional mastery. I am sure people like me will be happy to apply the tool. All emotions are signals to what is happening within you.
The techniques like anchoring allow you to gain emotional control. Bursts of anger, periods of apathy, fear, anxiety, the emotions that prevent you from achieving the life you desire can be managed using NLP.
I cured my Monday blues by using my learning and curious attitude, got my emotional control…boredom is now replaced by active states and I observed my colleague find out his mental pictures related to playing the guitar! If you want to apply the three ways and share it below you are welcome.
Keep learning, Keep Exploring!