Enhance your Memory using NLP

Our memory is state dependent. When you are in a good mood it is easier to remember all the times you were in good mood. So to have an excellent memory, when you want to learn, get into a certain state and access that state when you want to recall it. NLP has various state management techniques.

 Every person has a preferred representational system visual, auditory, kinesthetic. The memory and learning work best when you are using the maximum of your representation systems. Visual information is the fastest processing system in our brains. The kinesthetic learning is much slower but it will stay with the learner for the longest time. Some steps for better learning and recall:

  1. Focus on the good learning state
  2. Have clear, compelling study goals, clear milestones
  3. Visualize the end results
  4. Use tools like Mind map to note what you already know, and then add the details by making new connections.

Happy learning !